Zentrum Paul Klee Bern Founded by Maurice E. and Martha Müller and the heirs of Paul Klee
Exhibitions 07/07—30/10/16

Paul Klee. I am a Painter

How did Paul Klee move from drawing to painting? In his much-quoted diary entry of 1914, ‹Colour possesses me. (...) I am a painter.›, Klee expresses a degree of pride in his personal development.

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Exhibitions 19/01/16—08/01/17

Paul Klee. Pictures in Motion

Walking and striding, dancing and gliding; water in motion, centrifugal forces and the transcendence of gravity in flight – ‹Motion is at the root of all growth›, as Paul Klee wrote in 1920.

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Theater & dance 08.09.2016 – 01.10.2016

Spaces of movement project III: Dance company inFlux

Felix Klee Saal

THU | 08—29/09/16 | 10am—5pm

Closing performance
SAT | 01 October 2016 | 2pm

Theater & dance 08.10.2016 – 09.10.2016

Daniel Belton Equilibrist


Saturday 08 October 2016 15:00
Sunday 09 October 2016 11:00 / 15:00

Daniel Belton & Good Company Arts in association with Zentrum Paul Klee present

Live Cinema Transmission
Live Dance
Live Electronics

Guided Tours 18.08.2016 – 20.10.2016

Pinsel, Pigmente und Palette Einblicke in Paul Klees Malerwerkstatt

Zur Ausstellung «Paul Klee. Ich bin Maler» 

Literature 23.10.2016 – 23.10.2016

Arno Camenisch liest aus Die Kur

SO | 23. Oktober 2016 | 11:00

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